Mwangi Githahu


BIO: Freelance writer at various publications in Cape Town and Nairobi since 2016

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Granny’s graduation makes people dream

75-year-old is planning to do PhD after getting her Master’s

Why De Klerk’s death triggered mixed feelings

Freeing Mandela and legalising black parties not enough for some

South Africa gets set to play coalition games

They don't work unless there are shared values and principles

SA and Kenya: Same, same, but different

It’s easier to do business in Kenya but cops frown on bhang use

Racist landlords’ free reign in Kenya

Discrimination is rife but no one is taken to task

Growing old disgracefully is just the ticket for me

So what if a wrinklie wants to speed around Nairobi in a powerful little red car in his 70s or remarry at 80.

Why Charles Njonjo should write a book about his life

Njonjo is a treasure trove of history but laughs away idea of a memoir

Our political leaders thrust greatness upon themselves

They love to go everywhere with a grand entourage

How gay, lesbian films can get past moral police

Gays should start a religion to enjoy legal backing denied by KFCB

Who’s who in Cape Town’s local government elections

Politicians are going round urging citizens to register as voters

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