Mwangi Githahu


BIO: Freelance writer at various publications in Cape Town and Nairobi since 2016

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‘Hustler’ going pantiless is too much information

Riggy-G is taking transparency and accountability too far

It’s time to fight back against homophobia

Nobody gives you your right, you have to take it

Not yet Uhuru for LGBTQIA+ despite Supreme Court ruling

Founding member of Gay and Lesbians Coalition feels vindicated

Ruto borrowed a leaf out of Moi’s playbook

His ODM move is akin to Moi’s DP raid after the 1992 election

The miraculous business of attracting tourists

Branding S Africa on Tottenham's jersey flopped after news leaked

Of property scams and lucky escapes

I nearly got gifted land through connections before scandal broke

Of noisy neighbours and induced tolerance

Cowardice and self-interest make you put up with them

Darkness and despair hit SA as power and water disappear

Lessons from rationing I lived through in Nairobi in 2000 may help

Year later, inferno still haunts SA Parliament

Country is split on whether to move it to Pretoria or rebuild in Cape Town

New Year, New Me? Don’t make me laugh

Troubles of past year will not just fade away, so let us not kid ourselves

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