Mwangi Githahu


BIO: Freelance writer at various publications in Cape Town and Nairobi since 2016

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How Rugby win lifted battered S African spirit

Triumph came in the wake of bad press over xenophobic attacks

The greed around a conference table

Sometimes you can only look on in horror at people's appetites

South Africans rise against apartheid city planning

Spatial planning has left a legacy of racially segregating Cape Town

When teachers sexually initiate teens

Randy teachers and young adolescents mixing yields drama with varying results

Why people fall for anti-ageing fads

Those averse to research soon realise that a fool and his money are soon parted

What you wouldn't do for cash

We live in a world where everything has its price

SA bankers fight losing battle against digitisation

It's like when Kenyan bankers feared ATMs would be a job killer

Tob Cohen and Wairimu's happier days

Before they grabbed the wrong headlines, they made for good drinking company

The 'password' to escape brutal killings in S Africa

Eights years later, it's still scary to be cornered by mobs baying for blood

The trouble with South Africa is a problem we've all experienced

Scratch the surface and you’ll see that we are not so different after all.

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