Mwangi Githahu


BIO: Freelance writer at various publications in Cape Town and Nairobi since 2016

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When government micromanages the country

The nanny state has reared its head again in South Africa

Was Raila party predestined to win in Uhuruto mix?

What brought Uhuru and Ruto together theoretically favours Orange party

Why Kenya sent flowers to the UK

The battering tourism industry has taken has led to gestures loaded with intent

Hoax corona cures throwback to Pearl Omega and Ozone therapy

Prof Arthur Obel and quack Basil Earle Wainwright conned Kenyans they had cures for Aids

How corona has altered Ramaphosa's fortunes in S Africa

Ramaphoria had faded until his handling of pandemic pressed the reset button

Masks and gloves could become fashionable again

Strange as it sounds, it would be a case of history repeating itself

Amid doom and gloom is human resilience

There’s a 'comeback kid' in each and every one of us

How booze helps one survive looming lockdown

Not restricting alcohol and cigarettes is key to retaining some people's sanity

Fear and social change at a time of lockdown

Those of us who come out on the other side will never be the same again

Would coronavirus have stopped Raila-Uhuru 'Handshake'?

The course of history might have been different if it hit in March 2018

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