Correspondent, Eastern Region

BIO: Dennis Dibondo has been writing for the Star in 2013 from the Meru region.

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One in four affected? Worry as mental health cases rise

Psychiatrist says 25 per cent of population has mental issues

Researchers make chewing gum, energy drink from miraa

Miraa Bamboocha and Muguka Energy Drink were developed to serve the market that did not appreciate the raw plants

South Imenti residents benefit from Sh.5m dispensary

The Sh.5 million dispensary project was fully funded by Kenya Pipeline Company.

Culture shock caused man to kill activist, court told

Nasweet is accused of allegedly killing Elizabeth Ekaru on January 3, 2022

Judge leaders by their work not tribe, says Wetangula

Speaker says tribal politics will do more harm than good to the country

MCA seeking to auction properties of popular Meru televangelist over Sh300,000 debt

Televangelist says some of the properties attached to the auctioneer's list don't belong to him

Meru breast cancer survivors get prosthesis breasts, bras

The Sh8 million donation by an Ireland well wisher saw 235 women benefit

Meru lawyer charged with alleged Sh4 million land fraud

The State has lined up four witnesses to testify against the accused

Ikuu Spider clinch Tujiamini Cheza Dimba trournament at Kinoru

Ikuu Spider FC from Kanuni ward in Igembe South constituency beat Azizia FC, to secure the top spot in the final.

Senator renews push to declassify miraa as a drug

Murungi has sponsored the Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Amendment Bill 2023

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