Correspondent, Eastern Region

BIO: Dennis Dibondo has been writing for the Star in 2013 from the Meru region.

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Meru gets holding cell for juvenile offenders

'Children should not be held in the same cells with adult offenders'

Isiolo residents accuse lawmakers of blocking land adjudication

The legislators want the entire process done afresh in accordance with the Community Land Act

Grass will be harvested, new seedlings will be planted providing pasture

Grass harvested, seedlings planted providing more pasture.

Meru farmers decry poor prices, influx of illegal dairy products from Uganda

County and national governments accused of not taking action to safeguard dairy farmers

Marsabit residents earn from raw gums and resins

New income an incentive to conserve the trees previously viewed as a source of charcoal

Rise of fake lawyers in Meru decried

Advocate says most cannot file cases as they have not taken the bar test.

Meru has highest number of people with disability

Most of the cases involve visual and hearing challenges.

Ewaso Ngiro to be restructured to improve efficiency

CS Adan Mohamed says agency needs technical staff to deliver

Meru community in Isiolo dismisses census report

They read mischief in the report for placing Meru second last among the Isiolo communities.

Lobby roots for traditional foods to tackle disease

Some of the traditional crops that were becoming rare are thriving once again.

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