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Court denies CMC DI Ravenna access to 28 vehicles

Firm argues that the national Treasury had exempted it from paying tax

Mary Wambui's appointment to State job was irregular- Court

The judge ruled that her qualifications does not allow her to occupy the office.

Sarah Wairimu allowed to pick her clothes from Kitisuru

Justice Mutuku lets Cohen's widow access to bedroom of contested matrimonial home

Judge gives AG a week to explain state's disregard of court orders

Justice Mativo says continued disregard of court orders renders several articles of the law useless.

AG to advise on State's 'disobedience' in Miguna saga

The AG had sent a representative to court but Miguna lawyers rejected him.

Miguna wants lawyer in Germany for trip home

Says any officer disobeying court orders should be jailed for at least three years

Court gives State until tomorrow to respond to Miguna case

State claims they do not know why Miguna has not been able to travel.

'Dirty underwear' insult lands man in court

He created a disturbance by shouting and calling Irene names, threatened to beat her.

ParPoll should be next year not 2022, party tells court

Cites anomalies in Constitution, Elections Act.

Busia man found guilty of killing his brother

Pamba denied killing his brother, saying he was found lying wounded on a path

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