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The intrusion of Middle Powers

The schism which started in the Gulf has spread like a virus.

Abiy, Eliud, Africa’s Pulse, Ecclesiastes and Ozymandias

We are at a Pivot moment and we can keep regurgitating the same old Mantras like a stuck record and if we do that this ...

Purging the rottenness out of the system

If you had said two years ago that the status of global geopolitics and financial markets.

China's strike at Trump

The level of Chinese retaliation was the message and of the ilk of the Shoe thrower in Iraq all those years ago.

Feedback Loop Phenomenon

Allowing yuan to slide below 7 to dollar is watershed moment for currency markets.

The showdown

Despite being presented as a competitive sport, professional wrestling is scripted.

US Rate Cut in three weeks a Racing Certainty

US Stock Markets have punched clean through to Fresh All Time Highs.

In memoriam Bob Collymore

Under Bob, Safaricom grew more than six-fold in market capitalisation.

US - China war now ballistic

President Jinping is on a Pedestal and is faced with the Strong Man Conundrum.

The belt and road initiative

We should build the Belt and Road into a road of opening up.

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