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BIO: Alphonce Gari is a journalist based in Malindi

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Malindi gets scholarships from European Business University

EBU has over 48 Professors and 11,000 students globally with 55%  from Kenya.

Court issues orders blocking vetting of Kilifi Chief officers

Kilifi County Assembly hase completed vetting of all the 22 chief officers nominees

Locked The grease pole competition, a do-or-die game for Lamu youth

You must walk sideways to avoid accidents that can damage testicles

Address 'gross' land injustices to end elderly killings, judges told

Kaya elders say there's an upsurge of witchcraft killings due to bad land policies.

Pomp, colour as Lamu youth take part in unique donkey race

Donkeys are the main means of transport within the islands and part of its rich history

Mudavadi graces Lamu mega festival

Mudavadi said the festival has succeeded in empowering the women and the general community.

Ugandan tour operators sample ‘sweet’ Watamu

The excursion is aimed strengthening partnership between Uganda and Kenya.

Kenyans working in tourism sector to learn Italian

Programme will be implemented in partnership with  Italian Institute of Culture.

Kilifi drought victims still in dire need of relief food despite rains

Over 150,000 people have ben affected  and are appealing for humanitarian support

Yoga to promote tourism, healthy living in Malindi

The idea, hatched by Progress Welfare Association of Malindi, will be free of charge.

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