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My husband is cheating on me with my own daughter

Saturday, January 4, 2014 - 00:00 -- BY LUCY MARONCHA
My husband is cheating on me with my own daughter
My husband is cheating on me with my own daughter

Akinyi thought her husband and their first-born daughter were just very fond of each other. Until a neighbour spotted them kissing. At first Akinyi didn't believe her, but then she caught them with their pants down. But the real shock came with their reaction.

“I got married to my teenage boyfriend. We grew up together and were very fond of each other. When we later joined college, he would visit me from his college and after several coffees, he proposed marriage to me. It was expected and my parents were overjoyed. We ended up with a daughter and two sons. My children grew up well, and my daughter became very pretty. I promised myself that I would guard her from ‘men-vultures’ with my life.

A father’s love

“My husband loved our daughter dearly. He would walk with her and she would accompany him to meetings and social places. ‘It is expected that fathers love their daughters more than the sons, is isn’t?’ I innocently thought.

“One day, the two said they were going shopping in Kisumu and I left for a hairdo. While at the hair-salon, I received a call from one of my neighbours. She said she had seen father and daughter kissing in a restaurant and from the look of things, that kiss was not the last mischief they would do that day. I scolded the woman warning her to keep away from my family and mind her own business.

Too quiet

“Life continued as normal until one day I forgot my driving licence. To avoid trouble with the traffic police, I left the car at work and boarded a bus to collect it. My husband had complained of a headache and was not going to work. My daughter was supposed to be attending college in the afternoon. I opened the house and because it was so quiet, I softly went up the stairs so that I would not disturb my ailing husband.

“I believe I am the strongest woman that ever lived because what met my eyes would have made anyone collapse and die.”

The real surprise

“My daughter saw me first and she held her ‘lover’ tighter. ‘Mum, why are you surprised? I thought you knew it all along!’ she retorted. My husband just stared at me. 'This is no mistake, Akinyi. I know what am doing,' he finally said. I was thunderstruck!

Later I engaged some village elders and my brothers-in-law and reported the matter. I did not want it to go beyond the perimeters of our family for fear of embarrassment. But it’s as if my husband paid them all off since no one would listen to my side of the story.

“'This woman is so insecure that she even suspects her daughter,' my husband had summarily said during our last meeting. I still live with him because I jointly own the house and other estates with him. I don’t want to pursue this matter further but it is weighing me down. I know that in my daughter I now have a co-wife and a rival.”