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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Aberdare Hills all set to host Hill Climb rally

One of the machines expected at the Aberdare Hills Resort for the competition. / COURTESY
One of the machines expected at the Aberdare Hills Resort for the competition. / COURTESY
Aberdare Hills Golf Resort is set to host a Hill Climb competition at the end of this month. The unique sport, which will be used to test speeds of the cars and its drivers, will be held on August 26-27 in the Aberdare Hills.
Aberdare Hill Golf Resort director, Njuguna Kamau, who is also the assistant event director of the competition said: “We are happy to have the Hill Climb organisers at the Aberdare Hills Golf Resort. I wish them a good and successful competition,” said Kamau.
The sport which was run over a decade ago here by the French returns to Kenya under the auspicious of the Rift Valley Motor Sports Club. Though the sport is common in the European countries, it is rare in Africa. The event to be known as the Aberdare Hill Climb, is commonly known as Hill climbing sport and is one of the oldest form of motorsport that originated in France over 100 years ago. Cars are run one at a time to make the sport relatively safe.
Jaspal Matharu, the organiser of the unique competition, said it will be very interesting for the competitors and especially for the spectators to watch the action live. “Hill climbs are timed laps up a hill, where each car and driver tries to set the quickest time up the steep hills. Hill Climbs are a great way into motorsport, but many get hooked and never move on,’’ said Matharu.
Matharu added: “If you want to drive fast in a competitive environment and a friendly atmosphere then this is what Hill Climbs are all about. Hill Climbs allow a large variety of cars to compete, ranging from motorbikes, quads, buggies and modified rally cars.”
The lap is expected to be about 3km long with mixture of free gravel that will be swift and quick for the cars. It will be purely spectator-friendly. The fastest vehicle to the top will be considered as the winner.
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