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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trendsetter: Girl on fire – Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei Tande
Sanaipei Tande

From the shy 19-year-old girl who went for auditions for Coca Cola popstars in 2004 and ended up forming one of the most successful youthful bands in Kenya at the time, Sainaipei Tande has evolved into an all-round entertainer – she sings, emcees, hosts karaoke nights and has been a radio presenter.

She has released a new song with Ray C and Chege called Najiuliza. In the song, the main character, Chege, is torn between two women, Sanaipei and Ray C.

Ray C has made a comeback. After struggles with drugs and excessive weight gain, she is looking trim and healthy in the video.

Sanaipei looks equally good in the video. She has been known as a woman who is not afraid to show her sensual side in her videos.

Sanaipei is open about her sexuality and this came out clearly when she released the song Mfalme wa Mapenzi in 2013. The lyrics and accompanying video were steamy, to say the least.

Kenyans took to social media to comment. But Sanaipei says there is nothing wrong with the lyrics or video, it is just reality. “Kenyans are hypocritical. They are doing these things in secret, but want to bash me when I sing about it.”

Sanaipei says she stays true to what she believes in and does not care what people say. “I stopped caring what people say about me when I was 19.”

The Mfalme wa Mapenzi video was sensual and had scenes of Sanaipei in a bathtub drinking champagne and others in bed with her lover, with her voluptuous thighs showing.

Sanaipei says people should live their lives without worrying what others will or might say. Her song Simama, realeased early this year, is all about that. She urges people to take a stand and be their authentic selves.

Sanaipei is also eyeing real estate. “People will always need a place to live. I want to start a business in those lines. I don’t have to build fancy houses, just decent ones for common people.” She is building a house in Ngong Tasia.

Clearly, Sanaipei’s plate is full with many projects this year because “this is the year I want to make a lot of money”.

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