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Friday, July 28, 2017

Grabbing power insult to Wanjiku


Francis Kimemia, the former Head of Public Service, is reportedly moving round Nyandarua county, and beyond, purporting to be the sitting governor.

Kimemia is a product of the sham Jubilee nominations conducted on April 21, in which he was declared the party nominee for the position of governor.

My supporters and I did not agree with the outcome and that is why I chose – painstakingly – to defend my position as an independent candidate.

I believe Kimemia knows very well the nomination was flawed and that is why many other contestants rejected its outcome and registered as independent candidates.

Now, it is common knowledge that the next general election will be held on August 8.

Whoever will emerge winner in the race for governor will be sworn in at a public ceremony in accordance with the Constitution.

It is, therefore, the height of hypocrisy for a nominee of a political party to continue posing in public and private as Nyandarua governor, knowing all too well the position is rightfully occupied by one Daniel Waithaka Mwangi.

For the record, Kimemia has widely been publicised attending meetings with an ambassador from a friendly country, supposedly to discuss matters development in Nyandarua.

Similarly, he has held meetings with a Cabinet Secretary to allegedly discuss matters of power supply for Nyandarua.

A few days ago, the former Head of Public Service was reportedly touring Kinangop subcounty in the company of staff from Kenya Power, allegedly to “explore” ways of connecting local towns with electricity.

The County Government of Nyandarua has already entered into an agreement with Kenya Power to extend street lighting to Ol Kalou and Engineer towns.

The company is in the process of finalising work in Ol Kalou before moving to Engineer town.

It is, therefore, ridiculous for anybody to move round those towns and other places misleading the public about an issue that was concluded by my administration a long time ago. I refuse to buy the idea that Kimemia is doing this because he is committed to Nyandarua’s development. On the contrary, he has become a busybody who is out to sabotage the activities of my administration by holding in contempt those who occupy public office, including the governor.

For a man who has worked for the national government for many years and has even served as Secretary to the Cabinet, Kimemia knows very well he is only engaged in public drama meant to hoodwink the people.

A few days ago, he wrote to the Nyandarua secretary protesting against my appointment of two County Executive Committee members and chief officers to fill vacant offices.

He also sought to stop the county assembly from debating and approving names of the nominees, claiming that my office lacked the legitimacy to make such appointments.

What a farce and public display of arrogance!

The Constitution has granted power to a sitting governor – or the President for that matter – to make appointments even to the last minute in office.

My administration is not opposed to efforts by our sons and daughters – living inside or outside Nyandarua – to participate in development projects in their county.

However, it is wrong for anybody to hold an elected government up to ridicule by traversing the county and purporting to be ‘governor’ while carrying out activities that are way outside his or her mandate.

Kimemia and his handlers should stop interfering with the affairs of the Nyandarua government.

He – like other candidates – should wait for Wanjiku to exercise her democratic right on August 8, because that is the only legal avenue for assuming political office in Kenya.

The writer is the governor, Nyandarua county.

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