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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stamp your authority and don’t be compromised, MP tells Judiciary

Bomet Central MP Ronald Tonui. /FILE
Bomet Central MP Ronald Tonui. /FILE

The Judiciary should stamp its authority so that it is not get compromised by politicians who want to interfere with election preparations, an MP has said.

Bomet Central MP Ronald Tonui said the recent court ruling ordering that Presidential ballot papers be re-advertised three weeks to the August 8 General Election sent a strong message that some people might have influenced it.

Judges should make independent judgments that are not likely to derail the IEBC’s plans of ensuring the election is conducted on the set date.

The Judiciary has denied being partisan and has said it has been impartial in it decisions. The Judiciary has also asked politicians to stop dragging it into politics.

Tonui claimed some people in the opposition want the Presidential election and that of other positions conducted on separate dates.

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