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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Zari is not dating Ivan’s friend, he’s more of a brother - source

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Nothing spreads faster than juicy rumours. Word on the street is that Diamond Platnumz' wife Zari Hassan and Ugandan socialite Williams Bugeme, alias Boss Mutoto, are secretly dating.

Boss Mutoto, a member of TMT (The Money Team), is Zari's friend and was also close to the late tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga. Actually, the Hassans always refer to him as a brother. But his closeness to Zari is raising eyebrows.

Well, the Ugandan lad seems to be that friend indeed and he has always been there for the mother of five.

The past week has been a tough one for the Hassans and they've been camping at Nakasero Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, where their mother is admitted.

All this time, Diamond Platnumz was nowhere to be seen to offer moral support for his wife. He was busy having fun and celebrating his mother's 50th birthday. Ooh! and the Utanipenda hitmaker also attended his alleged ex-girlfriend Tunda's birthday, too, recently.

The two have been friends for the longest time and a source close to them revealed that there's nothing beyond friendship.

"Banange! Why are people so idle? They are busy tarnishing Zari's name instead of comforting her. Zee and her family are going through a difficult time now. After the death of her ex-husband, her mother is fighting for her life and instead of people respecting her family, they are busy spreading rumours. How do you think Diamond feels when he comes across such things on social media? Boss Mutoto is just like a brother to Zari, and they usually call each other bro and sis. He is just doing what a best friend is supposed to do."

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