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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Get genuine parts, dealer says


Vehicle assembler General Motors East Africa has launched a service clinic for all single and double cab Isuzu DMax pick-ups.

The clinic will take place in all the company’s countrywide dealerships and will be used to improve road safety for drivers by using genuine spare parts for their vehicles.

Githua Ngaruiya, general manager for Aftersales, said the service clinic will offer discounted and competitive prices on all Isuzu DMax spare parts and services to its customers.

“According to our research, only 23 per cent of the motor vehicles parts that are sold and used in the country are genuine. This has a direct implication on safety for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other road users,” said Githua.

Githua further lamented the widespread importation of counterfeit parts, known as ‘alternatives’, which he said has negatively affected the industry.

“By installing counterfeits such as wrong brake pads and unreliable steering fluids in vehicles, lives are lost in accidents happen,” said Githua.

The Isuzu service clinic has been running from July 10 and ends today. The first 50 customers eligible for a free 30-point inspection, check-up, full service and a diagnostic report.

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