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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Kenyan MC and hype man DNG
Kenyan MC and hype man DNG

Kenyan hype master and MC, DNG, has teamed up with other media personalities to start an initiative that is all about the youth empowerment. Hustle Yako is a Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative. It seeks to empower, impact and change the youth by changing their perspective and attitude towards career, business and entrepreneurship.

Speaking to Word Is, DNG opened up about the inspiration behind starting this initiative. He said, “Initially, I wanted to use my platform in radio to set the agenda for the Kenyan Youth. I felt that a lot of talk was about fun and lifestyle, but there wasn’t anyone talking about growth and progress. I began it as a strategic differentiator, then grew into a movement. It became vividly clear that Kenyan youth needed help, they needed solid advice, guidance, direction and mentorship. I have pushed on ever since, sharing the wisdom and experience I have gained over the years, using my own life and success story as an example and roping in like-minded individuals to do the same.”

When asked how practical the initiative is for the youth, who are at a disadvantage when it comes to capital, opportunities, mentorship, etc, he said, “Access to capital remains a tall order. The systems in place demand collateral or a payslip to get credit. The table banking system in funds such as Uwezo and YEDF are also major hindrances. It is not practical to get six-10 young people who think the same, who have the same goals and the same financial habits. The Deputy President even confirmed that uptake of these funds is at an all-time low. The system is simply built to cut off disadvantaged youth.”

Speaking of the highlights from the initiative, he stated, “As is evident, we have started a revolution! The time for Kenyan Youth to break free from the chains of unemployment and poverty has come! All they need to do is open their eyes and see, and open their ears and listen. #HustleYako is the new gospel!”

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