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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Evil wishes come home to roost

Economist David Ndii. /ENOS TECHE
Economist David Ndii. /ENOS TECHE

Aesop told the fable of a queen bee from Mt Hymettus that ascended to Olympus to present Jupiter honey.

Delighted, Jupiter promised to give whatever she asked for.

She asked for a sting, “that if any mortal shall approach to take my honey, I may kill him.” Jupiter was displeased, for he loved the human race, but could not refuse her since he had made a promise.

He granted the request, but at the peril of the bee’s life. “For if you use your sting, it shall remain in the wound you make, and then you will die from the loss of it.”

The fable teaches a simple lesson. That evil wishes, like chickens, come home to roost. There is a group of Kenyans planning evil in this country and this is because they know there is no way they will win the August 8 General Election.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have witnessed disturbing comments attributed to various people in NASA. The alliance’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s online army has been all over creating the narrative that Jubilee can only win through a rigged election.

The truth is Jubilee commands the numbers, and this election is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s to lose. Raila and his troops are trying to tell their supporters that there cannot be peace because the election will have been stolen.

Economist David Ndii, who also doubles as a NASA adviser, is among those who have been talking about Kenya burning. He claims, like many others in NASA, that “Kenya will burn if Uhuru is reelected, in another sham election”.

Others who have made ridiculous claims include Raila himself and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka. Just last week, Kalonzo claimed that staff of Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing are in the country stuffing votes in ballot boxes.

The claim is not only ridiculous but also aimed at inciting Kenyans by creating a narrative that the election has already been rigged. These claims are aimed at cementing the idea that Uhuru can only win through a sham election.

The question is, who will determine whether the election is a sham? Does Raila losing, yet again, mean that the election is a sham? Is it the truth or propaganda, which has been the operational mode of NASA, that make an election a sham?

Raila has refused to commit that he will accept the results of the presidential election, especially if he loses again. He has a history of rejecting results and driving his followers to the streets.

Former media personality Julie Gichuru became an online bullying target by NASA bloggers when she made an appeal for peace. It is unfortunate that she was insulted in unprintable words for asking Kenyans to think about the future of this country.

This level of intolerance is not only wrong, but also points to a very dangerous trend. They keep on stating that there will be violence. Kenyans must open their eyes and see that the opposition is preparing this country for chaos.

As Kenyans remain vigilant, the authorities must ensure action is taken against all those making unfounded claims about this election. We have always warned that the opposition cannot keep pushing the IEBC and the rest of the country into being defensive all the time because they are not ready for the polls.

What are the security apparatus doing about all these threats? Where are civil society organisations that should be promoting peace everywhere as they did in 2012? Why the silence this time round?

The writer is a political and communications consultant @MachelWaikenda

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