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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Corridors of Power

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta

WHY are Jubilee politicians led by President Uhuru Kenyatta consistently talking about a coalition government? The latest to claim that NASA was seeking a coalition government after August 8 was Majority leader Aden Duale after the High Court terminated the tender for presidential ballot papers. Some politicians were heard asking why this apparent obsession with what they call a “nusu mkate” government from the Jubilee side. Have some people panicked?


IT was American reporter and author Hellen Thomas who once said that if you want to go into public life, decide at the age of five and live accordingly. Well, this is so true of a presidential candidate whose past is the subject of intense scrutiny. The man, who has spent years at a top Kenyan university, is said to have been a collaborator with the Kanu administration to suppress the student leadership. Sources whisper to Corridors that the man, however, claims he is a victim of hate by people unhappy with his progress.


A police officer attached to the late Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery is the most sorrowful man. Reason? Word has it that the sudden death of his boss-cum-guardian shocked him almost to collapse, wondering what his other course to a brighter future would be. The officer, who had a brief chat with his boss late in the evening as Nkaissery drove into his Karen home prior to his death, was heard regrettably wondering who will stand with him to complete his Law degree. It is said Nkaissery encouraged and even volunteered to pay part of the the officer's fees after the cop shared his dream of furthering his studies. Our mole tells Corridors the officer has been very close with the tough-talking CS for many years since he was deployed to guard him.


PANIC has gripped Jubilee Party staff after reports emerged it will fire some of them. Party bosses believe that a good number of the staff are redundant. This is because most campaigns are directly being coordinated from State House. Some government officials, including the county administration, are also involved in the campaigns. Twenty clerks are among the officials being sent home at the ruling party's Nairobi-based head office.


WHERE did the Nairobi county Traffic police commandant go? City motorists are pondering over this question as they have become helpless with the impunity of matatu drivers. There has been a huge outcry from non-PSV motorists at how the matatus plying various city routes are breaking the law in broad daylight.

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