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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Art: Amazing art exhibits at 17th Pop-up Gallery


he dusitD2 Hotel, Nairobi held the 17th Edition of the dusitD2 Pop Up Art Gallery on June 24 at the Dstudios.

The curator, Charles Murito, put together yet another amazing installation bringing back some of the artists who had exhibited their works before.

The exhibit featured mixed media on canvas paintings by Sam Njunguna. His unique painting depicted Nairobi’s rush hour, tea picking in a farm and the seascape, among others.

Adrian Nduma showcased his landscape artworks that represented his home place. One of his most notable pieces, christened “Twende Kazi”, depicted livestock in his home area.

On display was an acrylic painting of a Gabra man who was resting, created by Patrick Kinuthia.

He also exhibited portraits of women, some that employed his latest technique, acrylic on raw green canvas.

There was acrylic on canvas, geometrical abstraction paintings by Leeyans Linyerera that had been inspired by the wheel of a bicycle. The artist made it clear that the paintings came up as a result of conversations he has had with the children he trains.

Evilidah Wasai showcased her decor designs that incorporate a variety of prints and patterns. She also showcased some of the devices she has reinvented using her fabric.

Critically acclaimed artist Patrick Mukabi brought his acrylic on canvas paintings that depict women in the marketplace. He also showed a painting that presented his latest technique, which involves motion sketches of the subject.

As usual, the Capital Kids Corner was open for children who wanted to develop their painting skills.

The reason behind bringing back some of these established artists who had exhibited before was in order to wind up the first half of the year.

The monthly show is expected to resume later, after the August 8 general elections, where art enthusiasts will continue to experience new and innovative creations from a variety of artists.

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