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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sonko, Kenneth snub governors' debate, Miguna and Kidero go head to head

Nairobi governor aspirants during their debate at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi, June 29, 2017. /JULIUS OTIENO
Nairobi governor aspirants during their debate at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi, June 29, 2017. /JULIUS OTIENO

Mike Sonko and Peter Kenneth are not attending the Nairobi governor aspirants' debate taking place at Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The Senator (Jubilee) and former Gatanga MP (independent) will face candidates including incumbent Evans Kidero (ODM) and Miguna Miguna (independent) in the August 8 general election.

Sonko sent his running mate Polycarp Igathe but he was told to leave the podium as the debate is strictly for county chief candidates.

Kenneth did not send anyone to represent him and it was unclear why he did not show up.

Discussions focused on issues affecting Nairobi, with Kidero's rivals reiterating they can do better than he has.

On corruption, the Governor said aspirants should stop pointing fingers at him instead of offering solutions.

"Corruption is a national issue...people pointing fingers at me should stop," he said, noting they have taken action against the guilty.

"We have fired more than 300 people. It is easier to point fingers because I am the Governor...I have a job...they are looking for jobs."

He responded to claims by Miguna and aspirant Godfrey Wanyoike that he has caused the county to go bankrupt.

Other issues city residents have complained about include poor construction that has resulted in the collapse of buildings and deaths and the traffic and garbage collection menaces.

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Miguna claimed Kidero has done nothing to rid the county of cartels and that he has been habouring corruption.

"We must get a governor who is incorruptible...Mr Kidero has corruption on his sleeves... we need a leader of integrity....someone like me...I have never had any question of integrity."

The lawyer and politician noted a leader with integrity will choose civil servants of good conduct, not those already accused of corruption.

"You must destroy the cartels that Mr Kidero has not...he has acknowledged there are cartels. That I will deal with..." he said.

MIguna further said he will carry out forensic audits of all transactions between the government and private sectors.

"Those found culpable will face the law because that is how to deal with audits," he said.

But Kidero claimed Miguna is just an activist, not a manger ready for the governor position.

"We thank my friend (Miguna) for his role in fighting for a second liberation but let's not mistake being an activist with being a manager," he said.

"An allegation is an allegation and until proven, I am innocent . People like Miguna talk about corruption but have not tried managerial work."

Miguna interjected saying he has taken managerial roles as a lawyer.

"I am a lawyer...I have done managerial work... I'm a lawyer...I have practised law for more than 23 years. There's nothing more managerial than law," he said.

Wanyoike said he will ensure his whole team is of people with no integrity questions should he be elected.

"When you do that you get resources for the people. Nairobians should ensure the current Governor does not leave the county the way he left Mumias; bankrupt," he said.

In January, Kidero denied claims he is responsible for the collapse of Mumias Sugar Company. He said he made the miller profitable, a year after joining in 2003.

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Michael Mutinda said Nairobi must have a Governor who is accountable to his constituents.

"The governor must give an account to those who chose them. This is in service to God and Nairobians. We must appreciate that the greatest resource we have is people," he said.

"Most Nairobians are struggling because of a leadership that doe not value integrity."

Macharia Kamau said integrity will be the norm if he wins the election.

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