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Sunday, June 25, 2017

State to fence all Coast schools in massive crackdown on landgrabbing, says Marwa

Coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa. / JOHN CHESOLI
Coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa. / JOHN CHESOLI

The government will fence all public schools as it embarks on a massive onslaught on landgrabbers at the Coast. Regional coordinator Nelson Marwa on Friday said the government will repossess all grabbed school land. This comes as 9,000 secondary school principals head to Mombasa for their one-week conference at the Wild Waters Complex. “We want our children to learn in secure environments, with teachers not worried about grabbers taking away school land,” Marwa said. He spoke during a meeting with Kenya Secondary School Heads’ Association officials at the School of Government in Mombasa. Kessha chairperson Indimuli Kahi praised the government for the decision and said they will be discussing the land issue at the meeting. It starts today. Schools whose land has been or may be grabbed include Mbaraki Secondary and Primary, Ziwani Primary, Ziwani School for the Deaf and Bahari Primary.

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