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Friday, August 18, 2017

ODM leaders dare Jubilee to arrest Raila over alleged incitement

Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga. /FILE
Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga. /FILE

A section of ODM legislators have dared the government to arrest Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga over alleged hate speech and incitement remarks.

Raila on Thursday asked members of the Maasai community to desist from selling land to outsiders.

Speaking in Kajiado during a Nasa campaign rally, Raila said the habit was plunging the community deeper into poverty.

Jubilee top brigade including president Uhuru Kenyatta branded Raila's remarks as inciteful and warned that they could ignite chaos. They called for the arrest and prosecution of the ODM party leader who has since said he was quoted out of context.

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On Sunday, four legislators dared the government to make good its threat and arrest Raila.

They are Senators James Orengo (Siaya), Moses Kajwang’ (Homa Bay) and MPs Gladys Wanga (Homa Bay County) and Peter Kaluma (Homa Bay Town).

Speaking during a prayer rally at Asumbi Catholic Church in Rangwe constituency, Orengo told the government to go ahead and 'test the anger Kenyans have on Jubilee leadership’ by arresting Raila.

He said Kenyans will not sit back and watch as Raila who fights for their rights is arrested and taken to prison.

“Arresting Raila would be the greatest scandal Kenya would ever have. You will have to put all Kenyans in prison,” Orengo said.

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Orengo warned Jubilee administration that if Raila is arrested, there would be no election on August 8.

“Raila’s fight for justice in the country is in public domain. If you attempt to arrest him then just forget about having election in


Orengo challenged the government to make public the report by the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission.

He claimed the report contains the names of land grabbers in Kenya.

“The President should effect the recommendations of the TJRC report instead of making empty threats,” Orengo said.

Kajwang’ accused Jubilee government of using National Cohesion and Integrated Commission (NCIC) to settle political scores.

“NCIC has never charged most Jubilee leaders whose utterances are inflammatory but when Raila speaks the truth, they want to arrest him.

"The commission should not be compromised by Jubilee for political reasons,” Kajwang’ said.

Wanga called on the residents of Homa Bay County to vote for ODM nominees and avoid independent candidates.

She explained that independent candidates may easily rebel against Raila once they are elected.

“They cannot be disciplined by any party if they go wrong in leadership. Vote for ODM nominees to make Raila a strong president if he wins," Wanga said.

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Kaluma urged the independent candidates to drop their bids and support party nominees saying the move will help consolidate votes for Raila.

“We should campaign as a team,” Kaluma said.

The legislators explained that the independent candidates would be offered government jobs if they help Raila ascend to presidency.

“They will not lose if Raila takes the government. Campaign for Raila then you get nominated for government job,” Kajwang said.

The legislators also drummed support for Raila in Rangwe trading centre and Ligisa secondary school in the Rangwe Constituency.

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