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Friday, August 18, 2017

Kisumu MCAs skip last sitting, halt business

Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma. Photo/MAURICE ALAL
Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma. Photo/MAURICE ALAL

Most Kisumu MCAs boycotted the last session of the assembly leaving crucial House business pending conclusion, including the county’s budget.

The MCAs on Thursday gave the afternoon sitting a wide berth. The House did not have a quorum, with the few members present abandoning the session altogether.

The Senate and the National Assembly on Thursday broke into what is technically called “sine die” to allow members to seek a fresh mandate from the electorate after four-and-a-half years of service.

“It is very unfortunate that members will not discuss the budget report today in the afternoon as agreed,” PIC and PAC chairman Simba Opepo said.

However, sources claimed MCAs skipped the session because they are opposed to adjourning indefinitely.

The assembly chief whip Isaiah Onyango claimed the MCAs deliberately refused to show up out of frustration. He said they should have presented their grievances to the assembly for solution.

Onyango indicated some of them, who lost in the primaries, know they are not coming back, which could be the reason they are trying to sabotage the process.

The few MCAs who were present said their colleagues boycotted the sitting out of selfish interests.

Ahero MCA Maurice Aloo, who was the speaker of the day, rang the bell for 10 minutes to urge members to come for the sitting to no avail.

Masogo/Nyangoma MCA Samuel Ongou accused his colleagues of taking the House business for granted.

He cited the Kisumu County Budget Appropriation Bill 2017-18 that needed to be discussed.

“I don’t understand how elected members can run away from a business that will change the lives of the people of Kisumu,” he said.

There being no business to transact, Aloo adjourned the session sine die. No business will be conducted until new members are sworn in after the August 8 polls.

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