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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Art: Evans Yego delivers an exhibit of hope

"The Last Supper" Arcylic on Canvas by Yegonizer
"The Last Supper" Arcylic on Canvas by Yegonizer

Evans Yego, better known as Yegonizer, is currently showcasing a colourful exhibit of scripture-inspired paintings at the Nairobi National Museum.

The exhibit, titled "Hope: A Story of Courage and Sacrifice", is in celebration of the Easter festivals, which took place in April.

The display doesn't necessarily turn the gallery or museum into a "religious shrine", but instead provides an opportunity for the audience to learn more about Easter.


The exhibition delves deep into the origin and significance of Easter to Christians, with vibrant images illustrating various events that took place during the life and times of Christ.

In over 20 paintings, Yego, who is also known for landscape and portrait paintings, captures the story of Christ as written in the New Testament, giving his own creative perspective.

Arranged chronologically, the captioned paintings depict various episodes that Jesus was involved in, from when he was tempted by the devil to when he rose from the dead and ascended to heaven.

The display offers an artistic perspective of various issues Christians relate to, including temptation, endurance, sacrifice, pain, courage, forgiveness, truth, hope and triumph.

Also, it provides visual representations of some of the parables told and miracles performed by Jesus.


At one corner of the exhibition is a screen where the audience can watch the 2004 movie Passion of The Christ, which is probably the most brutal depiction of Christ's crucifixion.

In the middle of the exhibition is paraphernalia from The Nyeri Archdiocese (courtesy of Fr Elias Mutahi), which includes large candleholders, hysop, cruex, Latin missile, pattens, chasubles and the victorious cross.

There is a model of the woven crown of thorns that was placed on the head of Jesus during the events leading to his crucifixion.

The acrylic on canvas paintings at the exhibit are on sale, with prices ranging from Sh8,000 to Sh11,000.

The exhibit, which opened on April 13, runs until May 31.

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