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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sack Nacada officials for failing to curb import of illegal liquor, says ex-chief

Former Nacala boss John Mututho./FILE
Former Nacala boss John Mututho./FILE

The government has been urged to sack Nacada employees who have failed to curb the illegal importation of alcohol.

Former chairman John Mututho on Wednesday said the association has failed to adopt the laws he put in place.

He said more than 30,000 youths from Central Kenya have succumbed to alcoholism since 2009.

“The concerned agencies should emulate my leadership. When I worked for Nacada, the number of deaths caused by alcoholism went down,” Muthutho said.

He continued, “A lot of alcohol has been imported by well-known people to derail youths from voting on August 8. I will not be shaken in my stand to fight alcoholism and drug abuse. If it means losing in politics, so be it. I want to save lives.” Mututho warned politicians against using youths to cause chaos. “There are more funeral homes than hospitals,” he said.

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