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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Producer Cedo speaks out the making Of Nyashinski’s hit singles


He is one of the most celebrated producers in Kenya and across the border. Cedric Kadenyi alias Cedo is the talk of town now after producing two of Nyashinski’s hits Malaika and Aminia.

Nyashinski send shivers down many of his fan's spines when he did a double release of his singles.

However, that brilliance can be attributed to the brains behind this hot track. Ladies and gentlemen, here is presenting, Cedo.

In an exclusive interview with Word Is, the Mungu Pekee producer said, “Nyashinski is so diverse, he can write you an amazing love song just as he can write you an amazing hiphop song…And I told him that I have the ability to deliver tracks that are just as diverse and completely world apart. We were like if we release Malaika, Nyashinski’s hiphop fans are gonna feel like, enyewe hapa umetuangusha.”

Cedo further revealed that the beautiful scenery in Malaika was shoot in Arusha.

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