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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dismiss NASA's poll case, IEBC tells court

NASA leaders during a meeting with IEBC commissioners at Raila Odinga's Capitol Hill office on February 9, 2017. /DENNIS KAVISU
NASA leaders during a meeting with IEBC commissioners at Raila Odinga's Capitol Hill office on February 9, 2017. /DENNIS KAVISU

IEBC has asked the high court to dismiss a case filed by the opposition challenging the deployment of returning officers for the August election.

Through their lawyer Paul Nyamudi, the polls agency on Friday said that NASA lacks the capacity to file the petition since it is a coalition.

According to Nyamudi, only a political party can challenge such a decision but not a coalition.

NASA had sued the electoral commission on grounds that the commission did not consult them when the officials were being hired.

The coalition took issue with the fact that the electoral body appointed both the constituency and county returning officers without involving political parties.

NASA holds the view that the election law allows political parties to give views on persons to be appointed as returning officers.

The coalition led by ODM's Raila Odinga says that IEBC has acted in an unconstitutional manner.

Their argument is that they were not given an opportunity to make representations on constituency and county returning officers' appointment.

Their take is that the commission has thrown the need for transparency and accountability in election process through the window.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta earlier accused the opposition principals for stalling the electoral process by placing barriers through court injunctions.

Uhuu said it was high time for the opposition chiefs to stop giving ultimatums of not participating in elections if an appeal by IEBC is successful.

He said the threat by opposition is a cowardly move and a factor of dictatorship.

The president said democracy is about giving Kenyans space to make their choice freely, and not intimidating the IEBC and Judiciary.

"People must learn that issuing threats over issues does not yield results. Kenyans want a peaceful nation."

"As politicians, we must learn to respect the will of the people," he said at the party's headquarters in Nairobi on Friday.

"This issue of saying that if voting does not go your way there will be repercussions is not helping. I urge all leaders to shun this."

[VIDEO] Uhuru tells off NASA for threatening elections boycott

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