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Saturday, July 22, 2017

What beef? i have outgrown dissing Octopizzo - khaligraph

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

Puff Daddy once asked in a B.I.G. song called What’s Beef whether you really want beef. You see, though nothing in hip hop and rap is as exciting as beef, nothing is as bad for business, either.

Rather than appeal to a wide audience, you might just end up alienating even your core audience should you lose (think Meek Mill after Drake bodied him), and you can see why most MCs shy away from beef.

But there are two Kenyan artists who do not give a hoot about your sensibilities and they’ve been going at it for a while now. They decided to end their beef after many years, until the internet decided Khaligraph Jones had bleached, and new round of disses left us all shell-shocked.

As always, Octopizzo sent subliminal disses. He hides his disses in hit songs, kinda like Drake does.

Anyway, I reached out to Khaligraph for a comment on the beef and you can imagine my surprise when he said he has no beef with anyone and even wished Octopizzo well in life, insisting that he is more concerned with making money.

“In 2013, when I was joining the mainstream market, I put out a track called I run 254. Back then, I was about that beef in life. I have now grown to a point where I have outgrown that bullshit. Octopizzo was releasing a song so he used the hype. He turned into a blogger but I didn’t really care cos I am just out here doing my shit,” Khaligraph said.

“Octopizzo is a nigga who is doing his thing. One thing you will never hear is Khaligraph is dissing Octopizzo in 2017. All the best with his music. I’m out here doing my thing.”

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