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Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Wendy Waeni
Wendy Waeni

Wendy Waeni’s drama continues three days after she ‘exposed’ Hot96 presenter Jalang’o. In a post that has gone viral, Wendy claims that the versatile radio personality owes her Sh4,500.

Reactions include:

Xtiandela: So sad...Sijui we get Kenyans to #SaveWendyWaeni From the manager ama Nini? Am sure there are a lot of stories we don’t even know that will pop up..Siku za Mwizi ni Arobaini!!!’

Nyawira: It breaks my heart to think this lovely girl is so talented. May Justice prevail for Wendy, who only wants the best for her mum

Mugo: Something is not adding up here. The same Wendy Waeni has posted your screenshot “Exposing” Jalango who do we believe?

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