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Monday, July 24, 2017

Corridors of Power

Devolution CS Anne Waiguru
Devolution CS Anne Waiguru

SOME ODM lawmakers were heard around Parliament laughing off former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru for "playing with fire" in her defamation case against their party leader and NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga. The MPs said Waiguru should simply withdraw the case and concentrate on campaigns in her bid to become the Kirinyaga governor or risk being humiliated in pursuing a case she won't win. They said Waiguru's refusal to respond to 15 questions Raila posed to her in the case, including her basic salary and allowances between 2006 and November 2015, clearly shows she is already on the verge of losing.


PARLIAMENT staff are left with more questions than answers. Reason? Word has it that 800 staffers are wondering why it's taking a decade for Bunge Canteen management to pay their dividend dues - amounting to Sh20 million. It is said the management during the AGM held early this month assured them that the money will hit the staffers' bank accounts within three days, but so far, there is no no sign of the cash. The unusual delay and silence from the management has made the employees wonder whether the bosses lack the money or is it a ploy to swindle them out of their long-awaited cash.


WORD has it that a CEO of a well-known outfit in the Agriculture ministry is working in cahoots with highly placed racketeers in the Lands ministry to frustrate the Cabinet Secretary. It is said the CEO has sworn to frustrate the Lands CS in his bid to secure land for a stadium identified by the Jubilee administration as one of its flagship projects in the larger Mount Kenya region. Corridors is told the the official brags openly to anyone who cares to listen that, as long as Jubilee is in power, his grip on the Ruring'u Grounds will not be released for the construction to commence. The well-connected man is also believed to be close to one of the NASA bigwigs. It is said the bigwig has promised him a Cabinet post after the August polls if they form the government. Talk of a cart with two donkeys each pulling from the opposite direction!


ONE of the senior-most NYS officers who works closely with both internal and external cartels has resorted to giving official documents to the media in an attempt to besmirch his boss and other top honchos at the Devolution ministry headquarters.Those in the know call the arrogant old hand a 'mobile toll station' (MTS) because, for every supplier he helps to get paid, he demands a known portion that he refers to as 'potato'. This saboteur is so vicious at the moment that he doesn't choose who to spew lies and half-truths about, despite the fact that he gets his daily bread from the very institution he has absolutely no qualms badmouthing. The latest crusade championed by MTS seeks to root out non-uniformed officers and professionals added to the NYS in recent days who he collectively refers to as 'kwekwe' (weeds).

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