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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dr Ofweneke’s ex-fi ancee Nicah reveals whether he still supports his daughter

Nicah The Queen
Nicah The Queen

Dr Ofweneke’s ex-fiancée and baby mama Nicah has revealed if the top comedian still supports his daughter after their nasty breakup in 2016.

“He can’t do that,” replied Nicah when I asked whether Ofweneke sent her any Mother’s Day message on Sunday.

The single mother of two also revealed how she’s managing with finances. “It’s not hard, God has been providing for us. Apart from music, I have my businesses that I’m doing, you know you can’t depend on music.”

When asked if Ofweneke supports his daughter, she giggled and said: “Let me not answer that. Can’t talk about it. But just know that I’m the one paying the bills, I think that’s enough.”

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