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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Countless women aborted my kids, says Rayvanny


WCB’s youngest member Rayvanny is one of the most controversial kids in Bongo music. After admitting to sleeping with socialite Mishi Dorah, the Kwetu hitmaker has raised eyebrows once again.

In an interview with a Tanzania-based radio station, Rayvanny revealed that he only knows of one child that he and his baby mama Fahyma have, baby Jadanvanny.

“Naamini kua mimba nyingi zimetoka, kwa sababu ujue, wanawake wengi washakua na mimba zetu wengi,” he said.

“Naamini hicho, kwa hiyo, hajawai kuniambia mwanamke kama anatoa mimba yangu. Hahahaaaa, Jamani, vita vyote tulivyopigana?”

Rayvanny, who now has a new song called Zezetu, seems not to give a flying parachute about Mishi.

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