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Sunday, July 23, 2017

NASA chiefs were turned Orange


The greatest con of 2017 happened two weeks ago when the NASA principals gathered in Uhuru Park to make the great reveal. Many were not surprised by the announcement and it was evident from the reaction of the crowd, when some started leaving when they realised it was a con game.

Raila Odinga had once gain managed to consolidate all the attention on himself — despite having lost thrice in the presidential race. He had conned all those who believed they were co-principals, and the thousands of their supporters.

Raila managed to ensure that the opposition NASA ticket was his and ODM’s. In other words, he managed to turn everyone orange — there will be no NASA on the ballot but ODM.

Raila will be the ODM presidential candidate and not NASA’s. This has disappointed a number of opposition followers who never saw the scam that had been engineered by Baba, after weeks of supposed negotiations among the opposition chiefs.

When Raila accused the national security agencies of creating mischief around the opposition unity talks, it is as if he were attempting to divert attention from how he planned to dupe Kalonzo Musyoka, Musalia Mudavadi, Moses Wetang’ula and now Governor Isaac Rutto.

This perhaps may be the reason why despite having an agreement in which the four have been promised key positions, Rutto and Wetang’ula are still defending their seats in the August 8 polls. They clearly do not have faith in NASA or the ODM presidential candidate.

Raila has since the return of multiparty democracy run for President on different political vehicles on each of three times.

Raila first ran for President in the 1997 General Election on the LDP ticket, coming third after President Daniel Moi of Kanu and Mwai Kibaki of the Democratic Party. He stood again in the December 2007 election on the ODM ticket. In 2013, he teamed up with Wiper and Ford Kenya to form Cord. He has now used Cord to form NASA.

In 2007, the greatest loser was Mudavadi, although he later joined the Grand Coalition government that Raila forced as Deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government. The greatest loser in the 2013 election was Kalonzo, and he is a casualty one more time as he goes into the ballot technically as an ODM member, given he is a running mate to the ODM candidate.

The outclassed Kalonzo will not go asking people to vote for his Wiper. His party is not on the ballot. On the other side, his equal Number Two, Deputy President William Ruto, is comfortably in the Jubilee Party, where he is not a principal but the deputy party leader.

Ruto, a smart politician who looks into the future even as he serves now, has helped build his now-defunct URP into the Jubilee juggernaut.

What we have learnt over the years is that, unlike Raila, who has the political backroom think tank machine of the likes of Senators James Orengo and Anyang’ Nyong’o, Kalonzo seems to be clueless. He appears to rely on turncoat friends such as Johnson Muthama, Francis Nyenze and David Musila.

Nyenze was the first to disown the NASA lineup, because he realised, as Wiper, they had been played by ODM. Kalonzo urged him to stay in line. But even after this, Musila and Muthama have already dumped Wiper and accused Kalonzo of mismanaging the party.

So, will Kalonzo now concentrate on fighting the internal fires in his Wiper manyatta, or will he focus on campaigning for the ODM presidential candidate?

Musalia, Kalonzo, Wetang’ula and Rutto must wake up to the realisation that ODM is alive and strong and leaving political casualties in their wake. It was a total scam when Baba proclaimed that he was the first among equals.

Long live Raila. He has duped his opposition colleagues into Oranges!

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