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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Massive action needed in face of PSV crashes

Police officers and members of public at the scene of an accident. /FILE
Police officers and members of public at the scene of an accident. /FILE

The spate of horror road crashes involving PSV buses is unacceptable and signals a barely functional NTSA, Traffic Police and other authorities.

In the latest smash, on the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway at 3am on Saturday, a bus and a trailer collided, killing 20 people.

This follows another two bus accidents in recent weeks.

It is astonishing how these accidents occur with such frequency and there appear to be no consequences.

The Traffic cops should arrest and take off the roads the kind of driver who crashes PSVs. The NTSA expend too many personnel, too much equipment and money on waylaying private motorists on the way back from a night out.

What was a trailer doing on the road at predawn on Saturday? Isn’t there a regulation in force that requires trailers and other large vehicles to find the nearest safe place or layby once night falls? What are the police and NTSA doing about this particular incident?

All too often, the public is told, “investigations have been launched”. And then nothing is ever heard of the issue again.

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