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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Gallery: Circle Art Agency showcases 16 works of Sudanese diversity

"People of Nok" sculptures by Laila Mukhtar
"People of Nok" sculptures by Laila Mukhtar

The Circle Art Agency, Nairobi, is currently hosting their annual "focus on East Africa" exhibition with 16 creatives from Sudan displaying their intricate works.

The showcase which has been dubbed "Khartoum Contemporary" attempts to explore the modern culturally diverse directions taken by Sudanese artists.

The exhibit curated by the Circle Art Agency director Danda Jaroljmek has brought cohesion as it features works across various disciplines and styles.

The pieces showcased are a mix of oil on canvas, ink on paper, mixed media on canvas, mixed media on wood, clay sculptures, acrylic on canvas and ink on canvas.

The 16 featured artists include Elhassan Elmountasir, Rashid Diab, Elamin Osman, Abusheriaa Ahmed, Hazim Mohamed, Mohamed Morda, Amel Bashier, Abdelbasit El Khatim, Abdalla Mohamed Eltayeb, Issam Hafiez, Salah Elmur, Bakri Bilal, Mohamed Abdella Otaybi, Kamal Ishaq, Laila Mukhatar Adam and Miska Mohammed.

In a statement from the curator, the exhibit is meant to broaden the connection between the gallery and artists in the region exposing audiences to the wide range of new artwork in East Africa.

"It has been a privilege over the last five years to meet artists, curators and other art professionals in Kampala, Dar es Salaam, Addis Ababa, Kigali, Bujumbura and Khartoum," says Danda Jaroljmek.

The exhibition, which features artists who have studied at the School of Fine Art in Khartoum, includes over 40 artworks spanning 50 years.

"This exhibition is as a result of two visits to Khartoum where I was introduced to many extraordinary artists, guided and hosted with great kindness and hospitality by Abusheriaa Ahmed, Elamin Osman and Rashid Diab," Danda says.

The pieces on display at the gallery are on sale with prices ranging from Sh40,000 to Sh500,000.

The exhibition that opened to the public on May 4 runs until May 23. Admission is free.

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