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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Voters take porridge, Chapatis as savvy traders cash in on delayed JP polls

Jane Muthoni sells porridge to a voter in Nakuru after Jubilee nominations delayed on Friday, April 21, 2017. /STEVE WAMBUGU
Jane Muthoni sells porridge to a voter in Nakuru after Jubilee nominations delayed on Friday, April 21, 2017. /STEVE WAMBUGU

Savvy traders cashed in on the delayed Jubilee Party primaries by selling breakfast to voters waiting for the polls to kick off.

The nominations were to begin on Friday at 6 am but by 9 am, the voting materials had not reached the different polling stations.

A spot check by the Star showed that many voters bought porridge and chapati as the exercise delayed.

"We were here by 6am and since the voting has not started we will just take this porridge as we wait," a voter said.

Another resident said it was disappointing that they had not received any communication from the agents.

"We will take the porridge just to make sure that we keep warm from the chilly weather. But we it is very unfortunate to just seat and wait," he said.

Jane Muthoni, who was vending the porridge to the voters, said the sales were good.

"I have sold 40 litres porridge. A cup trades at Sh30," she said, adding that she was also selling Chapati at Sh20.

But other voters at St Xaviers High school polling station were seen basking in the sun to beat the cold.

Earlier, Jubilee Party secretary general Raphael Tuju warned aspirants and returning officers against issuing any statement regarding the nominations.

"The party urges all voters to adhere to the guidelines provided for by the party headquarters on the primaries," Tuju said in a statement on Friday.

The nominations failed to kick off on time in many polling stations but Tuju said they will proceed as per the party's schedule.

Supporters, who started streaming in the polling centres from as early as 3am complained of delays. Others opted to go back home.

A spot check by the Star revealed that voters had queued from 3 am but ballot papers were yet to reach the polling stations by 8am.

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On Thursday, Uhuru warned against violence in the Jubilee Party primaries and ordered police to deal firmly with culprits.

He said the party will not entertain such chaos and that "any acts of violence will lead to disqualification".

"Chaos and violence that feature in primaries will not be tolerated. A culture of hooliganism will not be accepted."

[VIDEO] Violent politicians will be arrested, punished, Uhuru warns ahead of Jubilee primaries

Jubilee postponed Nairobi nominations from Friday to next Monday.

Secretary general Raphael Tuju said the National Executive Committee reached the decision after consultations with the board.

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