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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Punish poll violence no matter the culprit

A scene during a past political chaos. /FILE
A scene during a past political chaos. /FILE

The Jubilee Party is starting its nominations today, and holding a second day of balloting on Tuesday. Other major parties, including ODM and Wiper, are proceeding with primaries.

Regrettably, the country has a history of chaos and violence during party primaries.

Yesterday, President Uhuru Kenyatta warned that violence will not be tolerated. He was clear that anyone who attempts to disrupt the peace will be punished.

The government must ensure this is done, irrespective of the social or political standing of the culprit or culprits. Police also should deal firmly with anyone who attempts to incite or engage in violence. Political parties should automatically disqualify any aspirant who engages in misconduct.

And in any contest, there is always the winner and the loser. Defeated aspirants should accept the will of the people, without becoming unruly.

As the President said, any aspirant dissatisfied with the outcome of nominations should raise concerns in a civil manner and use internal party processes to resolve the issues amicably.

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