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Friday, July 21, 2017

MP Savula eyes 2022 presidency after securing ANC ticket

Lugari MP Ayub Savula at Nyag'ori Pentecostal Assembly Of God Bible college on February 20, 2016. /FILE
Lugari MP Ayub Savula at Nyag'ori Pentecostal Assembly Of God Bible college on February 20, 2016. /FILE

Lugari MP Ayub Savula has set his sights on the presidency in 2022 after being unopposed in ANC primaries on Friday.

The deputy party leader said his development record is strong enough to earn him a re-election in the August 8 polls.

"I am the youngest deputy party leader and be assured in 2022 all Luhya leaders who have ambitions to lead this country will be old," he said.

"Even the other leaders in other parties who have similar ambitions today will be old," he added.

The MP said Kenya deserves good leadership which promotes democracy and has the interests of Kenyans at heart.

“I helped Nasa register millions of voters and I am confident that Western has numbers. We just need to unite and continue working together as a family to win the top seat,” Savula said.

The first time MP urged the Opposition alliance Nasa to name its presidential flag bearer to end the anxiety among its followers.

"I have the energy and capacity to stage a strong campaign to push for national development and the empowerment of wananchi," he said.

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He said ANC remained the most popular party in the region and beyond due to its manifesto to ensure cohesion, national development and unity.

“I am the only MP who has constructed six national colleges in the six wards in his constituency,” Savula said.

The colleges reportedly include Kenya Medical Training College, Chekalini Technical Training College, Lugari Teachers Training College, Matumu National Polytechnic and the Chevaywa Technical Training Institue.

But only KMTC, Lugari technical college and Lugari Teachers training are operating. Matumu will be opened soon while the other tertiary facilities are under construction.

Savula said he has also invested heavily in improving the Lugari infrastructure as well as the education sector at large.

“My strategy with the CDF team was simple - to see the region empowered to compete effectively against other regions and the world at large,” he said.

Savula had initially declared interest in the presidency in 2015.

He said educating people from Western to acquire IDs and register as voters is one of the strategies he is using.

“I have been telling you about the 7 million voters target in Western, Trans Nzoia included. The dream is becoming a reality and believe me, I will be vying for the president in 2022,” he said.

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