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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Kiraitu urges peaceful preliminaries

Meru County Senator Kiraitu Murungi. /FILE
Meru County Senator Kiraitu Murungi. /FILE

Meru’s political and religious leaders have called for fair and violent-free Jubilee Party nominations on Friday.

Speaking on Sunday at the St Josephs Cathedral Church Meru,Senator Kiraitu Murungi, MPs Rahim Dawood and Florence Kajuju said they would not wish to see chaotic scenes as witnessed in ODM exercise.

Kajuju (Woman rep) said Jubilee being a popular Party in Meru, should conduct credible primaries, to avoid any discontent among leaders and supporters.

“We know Meru's love the party so much am appealed to supporters to come out in large numbers and avoid hooliganism,"

He called on those conducting polls to ensure there is are credible preliminaries.

Murungi appealed to supporters and aspirants to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner before, during and after the exercise.

“We need peaceful elections, just as we need good leaders. I thank God that I am the only Gubernatorial aspirant on Jubilee ticket, but I appeal to other aspirants to conduct dignified campaigning and accept the people’s verdict after the exercise,” Murungi said.

Dawood who will face-off with Mutea Iringo appealed to those who will referee the exercise to ensure it is devoid of any malpractice.

“We want fairness in the nomination because we would not like to see want we saw happening to ODM in Busia happening in Meru.There should be no rigging ,” Dawood said.

She said both Jubilee Smart Card holders and those without should be allowed to participate in the nomination so long as they are party members.

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