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Friday, July 28, 2017

KDF overruns al Shabaab camp, kills 52 and recovers seven AK47 rifles

KDF fighting wagons being used in the war against al Shabaab in Somalia. /FILE
KDF fighting wagons being used in the war against al Shabaab in Somalia. /FILE

The Kenya Defence Force on Friday killed 52 al Shabaab militia during an operation in Badhaadhe region of lower Juba.

"The intelligence led operations was executed after surveillance assets sighted al Shabaab terrorists concentration in the location," spokesman Joseph Owuoth said in a statement.

Owuoth said several others fled with injuries they suffered during the operation.

He said that they raided and destroyed the camp leading and also recovered an assortment of weapons.

"Seven AK47 rifles, one gun, two phones, 104 bullets, 3 IED, assorted IED making material and foodstuff were recovered."

On April 11, KDF killed 15 al Shabaab terrorists in an operation in West of Catamaa.

This is approximately 104 kilometres from the border town of El wak, Gedo region, Somalia.

The operation was spearheaded by an Amisom detachment who engaged the militants using artillery and mortar fire.

The troops successfully destroyed the terrorists’ camp.

Owuoth said operations against Shabaab will continue until all the terrorists are eliminated.

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On March 2, KDF killed 57 al Shabaab militants near Afmadow in Somalia.

Forces under Amison troops ambushed the militants using artillery fire, supported by helicopter gunships.

Owuoth said the ambush took place 31 kilometres northwest of Afmadow at 8.45am.

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