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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Big Brother star Idris Sultan envious of ex Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu And Idris Sultan
Wema Sepetu And Idris Sultan

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu and Big Brother winner Idris Sultan broke up several months ago after a relationship that was doing well finally went down the drain.

During their public relationship, Sepetu revealed that she had had Idris' twins, after which she had a miscarriage. The two broke up soon afterwards and were seen attacking each other on social media.

Today, Wema posted a photo of herself in a romantic pose with fellow actor by the name Gabo Zigamba. This photo got Idris sultan, her ex, burning with jealousy and he could not help but comment:

"Anti ile miti kule nyuma naweza kupata wapi? Nimetafuta sana"

Wema Sepetu replied;

"Anko naona kupita kimya kimya imeshindikana kabisa... Ila unaweza ipata pale karibu na Mahaba Beach..."

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