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Friday, July 28, 2017

Rutto’s jump to NASA is futile, Bomet is JP turf

Sotik MP Joyce Laboso.
Sotik MP Joyce Laboso.

NASA is deluding itself that it has any voters in Governor Isaac Rutto’s Bomet county. The region and most parts of Rift Valley believe in Jubilee leadership.

There is little or no chance the opposition will make inroads.

DP Ruto has the respect and legitimacy to continue leading the region to harness the development spirit of our people. We will continue to support him and President Kenyatta in the August election and beyond.

I reiterate Bomet remains firmly in the Jubilee Party, despite Rutto’s move to join NASA.

Recent scientific polls and development projects initiated by Jubilee demonstrate that we will not be swayed into gambling with our future.

And while it is everyone’s democratic right to join any party or alliance they choose, it is reckless and unwise to attempt to persuade our people to join the opposition.

There is neither hope nor future in opposition — rather gloom and despair. Rutto’s decision is grossly out of touch with Bomet residents’ aspirations. They understand you don’t leave government if you want to better your welfare.

Across the country, political parties are competing to win power and control state resources for the sake of development. What kind of a person would wish to go the other way?

The people of Bomet understand the stark choices they face. To remain a key stakeholder in the government — or play a distant fifth fiddle in the opposition that is in turmoil and possibly heading into meltdown.

The move to join the opposition will only complicate NASA’s poll equation. The main presidential aspirants have been deadlocked over choice of their joint opposition candidate.

Having travelled across Bomet in recent weeks of campaigning, I have heard and seen residents’ aspirations to continue benefitting from both the county and national governments.

Since his election in 2013, Rutto has led a devious campaign to sling mud at the national government, saying it was molesting him. This campaign is self-serving and not intended to help our people.

While the county governments are now responsible for huge amounts of resources, it is crucial governors maintain good relations with the national government, which still handles key portfolios.

My candidature in the Jubilee governor’s race is an opportunity to put an end to all the political tantrums, self-pity and firmly focus on the interests of our people.

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