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Friday, July 28, 2017

Awiti will not deputise Joho, that’s wishful thinking – VDP

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Nyali MP Hezron Awiti on sunday at the launch of ‘Big Daddy’, the 46-foot iconic crocodile statue along Links Road. It was restored by the county government /JOHN CHESOLI
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Nyali MP Hezron Awiti on sunday at the launch of ‘Big Daddy’, the 46-foot iconic crocodile statue along Links Road. It was restored by the county government /JOHN CHESOLI

Vibrant Democratic Party has termed as "gibberish and wishful thinking" claims that boss Hezron Awiti will join forces with Governor Hassan Joho in the Mombasa governor race in August.

Awiti formed the party after ditching Wiper.

VDP denied that the Nyali MP will be the incumbent’s running mate.

Party deputy secretary general Millicent Adhiambo confirmed VDP’s “unwavering” resolve to take over Mombasa.

Joho has not named a running mate while Awiti’s is Hassan Mwamtoa.

Reports that both might team up started spreading after they shared a podium during unveiling of the iconic Mamba Statue at Mamba Village Centre last week.

The two said politics is not enmity. Awiti sympathised with Joho over his persecution by Jubilee.

But Adhiambo said Awiti only attended the event because he has interests in the Mamba Village estate.

“Our party leader shared the same platform as a matter of courtesy and protocol. Any political misinterpretations as are being hawked by certain panicked quarters should be dismissed and treated with the contempt they deserve,” she said.

She said the notion created that Awiti will collaborate with Joho to the extent of deputizing him is “mere gibberish, wishful thinking and the last kicks of a dying horse”.

Adhiambo spoke at a press conference in Mombasa on Tuesday.

Awiti is a strong candidate with the requisite experience, qualities and values and need not to team up, she said.

VDP will soon launch its manifesto based on revolutionary county structures that will radically transform democracy and development, Adhiambo said.

“The party is committed to take over the county’s mantle of leadership and form an all-inclusive government that has the face and voice of all communities that is characteristic of the highly cosmopolitan Mombasa region,” she said.

Party leader Awiti was not available for comment.

The deputy SG said VDP's mission is to revolutionise governance through progressive and responsive policies.

Adhiambo said the party's system of governance will be people-driven democracy that takes pride in the devolved system.

She said despite VDP being in a formative stage, there has been great reception.

“We intend to repay this warmth by promising and committing to people-centered governance,” she said.

Jubilee’s Suleiman Shahbal and Wiper’s Hassan Omar will also run for governor. Shahbal's running mate will be Anania Mwaboza, while Omar said his will be a woman.

When being received officially at VDP two weeks ago, Awiti said the party will enter into a pact with others to deliver Mombasa.

He was categorical that he and VDP will not play second fiddle.

There was excitement from some presidents when reports spread that a Joho-Awiti pact could be looming.

Similarly, there were jitters from rival camps.

Awiti was an ODM but moved to Wiper in 2013 and won the Nyali MP seat.

Awiti left Wiper for VDP, citing plans by the party to deny him the governor ticket.

Adhiambo said VDP will hold its primaries nationwide on April 20.

“The party has attracted a strong 50 plus aspirants vying for various positions across the county and beyond,” she said.

Adhiambo said VDP is not affiliated to any political coalition but is willing to form partnerships with like-minded stakeholders for the benefit of Kenyans.

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