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Monday, June 26, 2017

Actress Nice Githinji Loses Her Elder Brother To Illness

Nice Githinji
Nice Githinji

Actress Nice Githinji is in mourning following the sudden death of her elder and only brother George Githinji.

Speaking to Word Is on the phone, the talented thespian, who dabbles as a karaoke hostess, said her beloved brother died on Tuesday, April 11, after a long battle with illness.

She said George sustained a serious injury on his head almost six years ago but his family didn't think that it would result in death.

“You know how people get sick and things just happen. So George was rushed to hospital and he died after two weeks,” Nice said.

Nice went on to reveal that his death came as a shock since she had just buried her nephew the previous week. George will be laid to rest on Thursday, April 20, in Kirinyaga.

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