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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Corridors of power

National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale.
National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale.

IsNational Assembly majority leader Aden Duale a master of doublespeak when it comes to defending Parliament’s independence? Duale and the majority of MPs have been attacking the courts whenever judges issue orders stopping or directing that they legislate particular laws. Last month, Duale led the House in bashing a High Court judge for directing the MPs ensure the contentious two-thirds gender rule is legislated within 60 days. The outspoken, no-nonsense Garissa Township MP told off the judge that he cannot dictate what Parliament should do. He even threw the ball to the next Parliament to implement the gender principle law. What is shocking is his sudden change of mind. Bowing to pressure from the executive, he now says the House will prioritise the gender rule debate when they resume from recess next month. This is after President Uhuru Kenyatta recently told MPs to pass the law. Why didn’t Duale bash Uhuru in defending Parliament’s independence?


IT seems some aspirants have colluded with the police to campaign beyond the stipulated times. Despite an order on Monday barring all aspirants in Central Kenya from campaigning past 6pm, Corridors has been informed a woman MP aspirant is using the area OCS to accompany her vehicles as she goes door-to-door handing out goodies to the electorate. The lady in question has said she will ensure all her opponents lose out, including the incumbent, who is said to be her sworn enemy. It is not clear what else the aspirant is giving the OCS, who has become hostile to other aspirants.


The principal of a girls high school has started altering information in school files after getting wind EACC detectives are headed to her school. The principal, who is said to be the girlfriend of a governor, is accused of single-sourcing a number of key school purchases and has also been awarding tenders to her relatives. The woman is said to have expunged incriminating information from the tender committee minutes which had opposed unprocedural purchase of the goods worth Sh7 million.


A number of incumbent ODM MCAs in Nairobi City County are a worried lot. Reason? It is reported that most of them have been left out in a preferred list prepared by a top party member. A mole has whispered to Corridors that not more than 15 of the 41 sitting ward reps elected on the party ticket have made it to the list. The senior top ODM member is said to be only interested in retaining those who have been loyal to Baba (Raila Odinga).


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