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Monday, July 24, 2017

Kenya's Got Talent that needs nurturing

Sixteen-year-old British-born Sarah Ikumu.
Sixteen-year-old British-born Sarah Ikumu.

A Kenyan teen has stolen the show on Britain's Got Talent.

Sixteen-year-old, British-born Sarah Ikumu, belted out a show-stopping rendition of And I am Telling Youby Jennifer Hudson.

Sarah left thousands star-struck and a bunch of hard-to-please judges showered her with praise.

But it is not lost on us — even as we celebrate Sarah's success — that her ability came to light overseas.

Her talent might never have been discovered or encouraged in her native land preoccupied as it is with shortcuts to fame, power and ill-gotten wealth.

Those entrusted with national development wold rather build the hugely expensive SGR than countryside institutions that nurture young people's abilities and dreams.

In Australia, Lucy Gichuhi, 55, just made history as the first Kenya-born senator.

This shows Kenyan talent and dedication shine whenever there's a system that works — notably outside Kenya.

Where are our strong, accessible institutions to nurture young talents?

Kenya's got talent, but shamefully lacks the atmosphere to make it sparkle.

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