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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Nairobi Park Diary: Be a Safari Samaritan

Heavy rains often require people to assist
Heavy rains often require people to assist

One thing that has always touched me is when people help those in need. Many people know the biblical parable of the good Samaritan.The question we all need to ask ourselves now is: are we Safari Samaritans? What on earth do I mean by that? Well, when people travel in the bush, they are often not prepared, and sometimes inexperienced for whatever could happen, while away from the city.

The biannual onset of the rains often results in situations whereby many people get stuck, in many places due to floods and very thick sticky “black cotton” mud. KWS were also using a tractor to pull some people out, but there was a dedicated group of regular locals who were well prepared for most situations. It was great to be part of this group, pulling many people out of the mud, using tow ropes and previous practical experience. Those who helped often had their ropes snap and also became covered in mud, but nobody complained, they were just happy to be able to help other people in need, without expecting anything in return. This is what defines being a Safari Samaritan.

Are you prepared for any bush incident? Do you have equipment like towropes, flashlights, water or First Aid kits in your vehicle? It is also good to have the KWS contact numbers for the area you are in, for the Nairobi National Park. The contact hotline numbers are Maingate – 0729125502 or 0728331981 or 0202587435.

In life, it is always good to plan to be prepared to help others. We never know when we will also need someone to help us!

The park is open daily from 06h00 to 19h00 .

For more information on the park you can link to the following websites: or or on Facebook

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