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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Music: Ayrosh wows with new-age Mugithi sound

Artiste Aryosh
Artiste Aryosh

In a world where most young, African artistes constantly borrow from the Western pop sound without even slightly altering it, the up and coming Aryosh stands out.

Though he still isn’t a big artiste in the music industry, Aryosh has been doing what he does best with the aim of achieving musical success.

The young singer-songwriter has opted for a more authentic style that blends Mugithi and Kikuyu folk with other contemporary genres.

Aryosh is taking the industry by storm with an unique statement and has released tracks such as “Wendo,” a love story set in the upcountry, and “Nihaku,” a story about taking short-cuts.

His music is relatable as he offers his fans lyricism on issues they have either experienced or seen others go through.

Together with his band ‘Tha Movement’, he has offered mind-blowing performances on various stages, including Storymoja and Slam Africa.

His music is greatly influenced majorly by legends he looks up to, such as Bob Marley, Papa Wemba, BB King and definitely various Kikuyu folk artistes.

Aryosh is also known for his monthly event called Folk Fusion Mugithi, where he does amazing, alternative renditions to classics from some of the best Kikuyu folk artistes.

Aryosh plans on releasing an EP as well as his debut album, which he has already christened “Njamba”, by the end of the year.

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