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Friday, August 18, 2017

Holiday Plans: Safety tips for Easter travel

Easter travel
Easter travel

As the Easter festivities draw near, many people are enjoying the prospect of some time away from home in more exotic surroundings. As you dream of that cold drink under the palm trees, it is as well to do a little planning to ensure that you have that happy holiday!

If you are leaving home for a short break, make sure your house will be safe and secure:

  • If you have an alarm system, make sure you set the alarm before leaving.
  • If you don’t have an alarm, fit one.
  • Make sure the locations of power switches and water valves are communicated to a friend, or a neighbour to avoid damage to the property if there is a leak or a short.

Travelling by road can be fun, but probably the most dangerous part of the trip:

  • Do make sure your car is safe, serviced and insured.
  • Do drive carefully, have your license available and keep to the speed limits.
  • Plan your route and get information on blackspots and current hazards from [email protected]
  • Do wear safety belts for all occupants and put children in car seats.
  • Don’t overload the car and make sure the tyre pressures are correct.
  • Don’t drive when tired.
  • Do not, however tempted, pick up strangers.
  • Don’t drink and drive. The holiday starts when you have arrived safely.
  • Do carry a first aid kit. Take some basic training on first aid. YOU may be the first responder in an accident!
  • Do carry a proper spare tyre, checked jack and wheel spanner and reflective jacket.
  • Do tell someone where you are going, your exact route and itinerary.
  • Do check in periodically and when you arrive. Tell your checker what to do if you don’t answer.

Now you have made it to your holiday destination, kick off the shoes, lie back, but BE CAREFUL.

  • Do keep your valuables in a room safe of in safe custody.
  • Do make sure that hired houses, apartments and hotels have adequate security.
  • Don’t wear expensive jewelry and watches in public. Don’t make yourself a target.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car, at any time.
  • Don’t take risks with motorbikes, quads and other hired machines. Operate them carefully and use the proper protective equipment. Many people have serious accidents with these machines on holiday because they fail to observe basic sensible safety rules.
  • Do make sure you carry sufficient prescription drugs if you need them.
  • Do familiarize yourself with medical facilities at your destination.
  • Make sure you treat your return journey as carefully as your outward journey!!

Have a happy holiday!

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