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Friday, August 18, 2017

Kenya would be doomed if Senate were scrapped – Speaker Ethuro

Senate speaker Ekwe Ethuro./FILE
Senate speaker Ekwe Ethuro./FILE

Senate Speaker Ekwe Ethuro has said the future of Kenya lies with the Senate and if it will be dissolved, the country will be doomed.

He said the senate future is in the hands of young people.

The Speaker said Senate and other institution were created deliberately after witnessing “50 years of skewed development and bad politics.”

He said Kenya was on the brink of disintegration during 2007-08 PEV due to poor leadership that had preceded the hotly contested polls.

Ethuro said with institution like county governments and Senate, the future of Kenya is bright.

“We came together as a country and decided on Agenda four, long term issues. Constitution and development and addressing historical injustices,” hye said.

He said for constitutional framework to be employed, institution like Senate and County Assemblies have been created.

Ethuro was speaking in Mombasa during the ongoing Second Annual Legislative Summit. The theme of the summit, which ends on Friday is 'Effective legislatures for sustainable grassroots developments'.

MPs want the Senate to be scrapped to reduce the growing wage bill. The National Assembly is currently made up of a total of 349 MPs while the Senate has a total of 67 elected and nominated senators.

Ethuro castigated National Assembly for penalizing the Judiciary after it extended the voter registration period.

“I read the other day from National Assembly saying we are going to get Sh200 billion of extension registration from Judiciary… there is an appeal in the process,” he said.

Ethuro said there must be sanity in the system.

He said the constant bashing of the Judiciary and lack of confidence will lead to a repeat of what happened in 2007-08.

“We lacked the confidence of the Judiciary and that’s why we fought. In 2013, we had the confidence with the Judiciary and that’s why we survived. A looser can say yes in a disagreement but I respect the decision,” he said.

Ethuiro said Senate has had heated debates but never abused each other. He said this is the direction other house and institutions should emulate.

“This year, this country would have gone into serious tension until the senate handle the delicate matter of electoral laws,” he said.

Ethuro said Judiciary has been made strong due to devolution.

He said Kenyan youth have what it takes to take the leadership of the country.

“We can influence our democracy and deepen it to make a difference in the live of Kenyans,” he said.

He said a population of under 35 years of 60-65 per cent who should be decision makers to determine their own destiny.

He said Kenya was liberated by young minds and youth should be encouraged to play active roles in politics.

He was speaking on The Youth in Kenya’s Devolved System of Governance topic.

“In the last election in 2013, those of us in Jubilee came in the buck of digital… youthful presidency. So it is your right to put us to account on our own commitment,” he said.

He said this coming poll, youth should be registered and be ahead of the game.

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