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Monday, July 24, 2017

Corridors of power

Cord leader Raila Odinga giving a lecture at Strathmore university./COURTESY
Cord leader Raila Odinga giving a lecture at Strathmore university./COURTESY

What is Raila Odinga and the National Super Alliance’s strategy in Northeastern? Well, an ODM legislator from the region was overheard complaining that NASA has not been aggressive in courting the region’s leaders, who have lately been trooping to Jubilee in droves. According to the MP, Raila has a potent message of extrajudicial killings, mishandling of the war on terror and the detention of Somalis in the Kasarani Stadium, which he and his team have not articulated well. According to the MPs, nothing makes Somalis more bitter than the historical injustices, including alleged discrimination in the issuance of ID cards. The Northeastern counties are marked by both the Opposition and by Jubilee as a swing vote bloc.


Where is Senate Majority Leader Kithure Kindiki? The man is politically missing in action, literally. While his National Assembly counterpart is highly visible, despite the onslaught he faces in his reelection bid, Kindiki is no more in the public limelight. The Senator from Tharaka Nithi was conspicuously missing during Jubilee’s Tononoka rally in Mombasa.

Just what is happening in Parliament over promotions that is fuelling a go-slow? Well, sources whisper to Corridors that some employees are protesting that the promotions are not based on merit. Some of those favoured have no papers and the majority are said to be ladies connected to some influential leaders. It’s also said that nepotism, tribalism and favouritism are major determinants of who gets promoted among the Legislature’s staff. Recently, one of the top leadership in Bunge had the audacity to notify one of the staff in the Security department that she had been promoted via a text message. The lady regrettably went around telling people about the “good news” and warning colleagues, ‘you can’t survive in Parliament without a godfather’. The staff without “air cover” want the Parliamentary Service Commission to intervene.


A Jubilee operative was overheard strongly recommending graft in the counties. According to the man, it’s better that money is stolen through the devolved units than at the national government level. Reason? The county government loot ends up in too many pockets and in too small amounts. He claimed the funds have a direct impact on the local economy, since it is well distributed. However, he warned the funds stolen at the national level ends up in very few pockets and in large amounts, some as high as a billion. Maybe those who doubt the magnitude of theft in Kenya need to listen more closely to his story.

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