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Monday, August 21, 2017

Day in the life: Mugambi Nthiga

Nairobi Half Life star Mugambi Nthiga
Nairobi Half Life star Mugambi Nthiga

Mugambi Nthiga: Filmmaker and award-winning actor of Nairobi Half Life and Kati Kati

Mugambi Nthiga is writer, actor and director. Before going into acting full time, he was an advertising copywriter and strategist. He acted in Nairobi Half Life as a young man who leaves his home upcountry to pursue his acting dream in the big city. He gets his confidence from himself by believing that whatever he’s up to is ultimately going to work.

He loves acting as he feels he is being of use as an individual and also as someone else is appreciating whatever he is doing. He urges young people who want to get into acting to believe in themselves and take that leap of faith, and whatever they do, they should do it with passion and pour their hearts out in it.


I tend to wake up as early as seven in the morning. Though this mostly depends with the time I went to bed.

I used to have those light curtains that let a lot of light in, so that was part of the reason why I would wake up early. But later I took them to the tailor and he put a lining to them, so currently the room is dark and I end up losing track of time at times.

The first thing I do is get to my phone and get to see what is trending online and also go through the news of the previous day. I mostly do not watch the news, as I do most of my activities and work at night.


I tend to have breakfast because of two reasons: one because it is the right thing to do, and two because if I fail to have breakfast, I will end up spending a lot of money outside, which is a misuse. I love eating food in the morning. It is actually very helpful and healthy, too.


I work from home. I learnt that as a writer, the most important thing is to show up in front of your computer. Whatever happens from there, you can discuss with yourself.

But mostly, I love watching things online. I also write and get to learn a lot of things, where I jot down notes on my notebook or my phone. I also watch films and have lots of meetings online.


I usually have no set schedule for my dinner, as at times I have shoots that happen at night, so I have to re-adjust. But on a normal day, I like going to sleep at about midnight and one in the morning.


The way Nairobi is placed and poised, we do our socialising in the evenings and maximise as much as we can during the weekends. We also do not go visiting folks during the weekend. We find that backward and a thing of the past.

I attend events. Social life is key in this life. A human being should not become a hermit. A lot of shoots are also set for weekends, as it is when even most artists are free.

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