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Monday, August 21, 2017

Corridors of Power

Auditor General Edward Ouko during the Kenya state cooperation workshop in Nairobi on yesterday.
Auditor General Edward Ouko during the Kenya state cooperation workshop in Nairobi on yesterday. PHOTO BY: ENOS TECHE

The attempt to kick Auditor General Edward Ouko (pictured) out of office has divided a House committee handling the petition. Opposition MPs from Ouko’s tribe have openly confronted and accused their Jubilee counterparts of pushing to finish one of their own on malicious claims. The legislators, who have in the past ganged up against rulings by the Judiciary ‘gagging’ Parliament’s work, are now sharply divided over a court ruling stopping the committee from inquiring into Ouko’s conduct. Ouko’s ‘blood brothers’ have strongly backed the ruling, while their counterparts have bashed the courts for interfering.

THE Nyeri county secretary has stirred the hornets’ nest after she ordered ward administrators and CECs to campaign for new Governor Samuel Wamathai. After Wamathai left a meeting on Tuesday to which they had all been summoned, the secretary told the county officers to campaign for the new man. This led to a loud revolt by the senior officers who said they should be allowed to vote as they please. The secretary was in the past rejected by the county assembly and a petition has again been filed seeking her removal from office.

A governor from Nyanza is said to be raining terror on opponents. Many people have been injured by his goons. The governor has demarcated the county and vowed that none of his rivals will campaign in his backyard. Two aspirants have had their motorcades pelted with stones in the recent past. The governor, believed to have lost much of his 2013 support, has vowed that nothing preventable will stand in his way and reelection. It appears he no longer cares about bloodshed. Where are the law enforcers?

ARE female police officers in Nairobi being sexually harassed by their bosses? Sources say transfers from Vigilance House, promotions and other privileges are being given or denied by a randy boss seeking sexual favours. Those who refuse are punished, through a witch-hunt. Some female officers have now vowed that they would rather lose the rights and privileges than engage in affairs with a reckless man. Who will stand up for female police officers’ labour rights?

NAIROBI Jubilee MCAs had planned to block PNU from taking over JP’s office in Lavington. But they backtracked. An MCA has hinted that the party declined to take Sh50,000 nomination fee from them until they each pay Sh150,000 for the office rent. A senior JP official told them to pay the money or join other parties. They are angry with the top official and told her to use the money she collected from them to repossess the office.

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